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Feeding Management Software free of charge.
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Advantages of SILOKING Data at a glance



Local radio network for transfer of recipes and machine data



Loading exact to the kilo with programmable weighing system as standard



No need to get off the tractor to use
or control the weighing system,
even in sunlight



All data always in view both on loading and unloading vehicle



Evaluation of all feeding and machine data via Feeding Management



Documentation of feeding data for public authorities or QA programs is possible at any time

The perfect network of SILOKING Data

Combination of radio control of weighing system and hydraulic functions with SILOKING Feeding Management.

Local radio network

The new machine box on the feed mixer establishes a local radio network. This network connects up to 5 terminals, such as PC, terminals, tablet or smartphones. All machine parameters are centrally stored in the machine box, protected against damage, weather influences and dust. After the new control terminals have been switched on, they immediately search for radio communication with the machine box.



New terminal

The terminal is used to comfortably create recipes, loading and unloading programs and to execute the electro-hydraulic functions and the stored recipes from the driver’s cab. The high-resolution color display provides perfect information on the hydraulic functions, the position of the discharge doors and on the functions of the weighing system. The use is very intuitive and menus can be selected by pressing a key or via a dial.



SILOKING Data Maschinenbox für SILOKING TrailedLine Futtermischwagen
SILOKING Data Terminal für SILOKING TrailedLine Futtermischwagen


The future begins today

Equipment versions

SILOKING Data – a unique combination

SILOKING Data E (Electro-hydraulic)

In this package, in addition to the operation of the (programmable) weighing system, the hydraulic functions of the feed mixer can be controlled via the supplied terminal. If the terminal/smartphone is in the loading vehicle, the hydraulic counter-blades of the feed mixer can be operated even from there during loading, to break up round bales, for example. The SILOKING Data E package is particularly suitable for machines with multiple hydraulic functions.

SILOKING Data T (Tractor control)

With this functional package, the (programmable) weighing system is controlled via the (optional) terminal or your smartphone/tablet in the loading vehicle or the unloading vehicle with the feed mixer. The operation of the feed mixer is carried out via the tractor control unit or a Bowden cable.



SILOKING Data E (Elektrohydraulisch)
SILOKING Data T (Traktorsteuerung)

Perfect control, comfortable use,

conclusive documentation.

SILOKING Data is the ideal combination of radio control of the weighing system and the hydraulic functions with SILOKING Feeding Management.

The new SILOKING Data is a radio-controlled weighing, controlling and documentation system. SILOKING Data comes with a programmable weighing system as standard, so that the farm can feed the herd very precisely (according to the recipe). Alternatively, the operator can use only the adding function so that the system adds up the individual feed components loaded and displays the total weight in the feed mixer.


Loading accuracy
and ease of use

Successful cost analysis
and optimization

SILOKING Feeding Management Software
Feeding Management free of charge Ration planning, performance-based feeding. Recipes can be created on the PC or terminal via the SILOKING Feeding Management free of charge and be transferred via radio to the loading and the unloading tractors. There, they are available to be executed or to be adapted flexibly on the basis of any changes in numbers of cows or appetite. Recipe files or loading files can be comfortably exchanged from the office PC via a separate local network.
SILOKING Data Terminal
Loading accuracy and ease of use The radio control via the new SILOKING Data terminal offers high loading accuracy and ensures high work efficiency. The new terminals can be placed exactly where they should be: respectively in the cab of the loading or unloading vehicle, always in the driver’s view, – thus increasing loading precision and the ease of use compared to conventional weighing systems. All information is in the driver’s view at any time. Precise loading is possible − easy, quick and efficient with this solution.
SILOKING Feeding Management Berichte

Comprehensive documentation


After feeding, the data are transferred to the Feeding Management and are available in view of optimizing the farm’s costs. All costs are transparent and can be presented and evaluated. SILOKING Feeding Management also provides for easy documentation for public authorities or QA programs, such as reports on feed components and composition of rations or reports on herd- and performance-based feeding. This way, farms can comfortably fulfill increasing requirements.

Feeding Management Software free of charge.
SILOKING TrailedLine 4.0 with SILOKING Data as standard.

free of charge

All SILOKING TrailedLine 4.0 models are equipped with SILOKING Data as standard, incl. Feeding Management Software free of charge.


SILOKING Data info pack exclusively for you


Inform yourself on the many advantages of SILOKING Data, without obligation and free of charge.

  • Brochure of SILOKING Data
  • Brochure of SILOKING TrailedLine - SelfLine

As a small thank you, you will receive a red SILOKING 4.0 base cap free of charge.


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